pheka fresh simple cooking


"Pheka has revolutionised my home. All I need to do is follow the provide-for shopping list and my dear Jabu does the rest. We are eating like kings and queens. Thank you Danielle."
Colleen Wilson
"Thank you so much Danielle. Buli has thoroughly enjoyed her cooking courses – and so have we! So nice to be able to ask her to prep a meal every so often, (she jumps at the opportunity) and the selection of recipes has been divine! Thanks a mil!
Andre' Fiore
"Thandi loves her courses with Danielle. She enjoys the interaction with friends, is constantly challenged and learning, and returns inspired, cooking wonderful, balanced dishes that the entire family enjoy. pheka transforms Thandi into a domestic goddess when she starts cooking whether its planning an entire three course meal for the family, baking with the kids or producing a quick lunch for me as I rush in.
Kerry Hancock
"I enjoy pheka very much and my boss too and the kids – even at home I am cooking very nicely. They all enjoy my cooking. You are the best cooking teacher."
Mildred Ngcobo
"Thanks Danielle – you teach us very well. I am very happy to learn your cooking classes – you are a very kind teacher"
Buli Lugayeni
"we are happy to meet pheka - we are now having fun in the kitchen and our bosses are so happy about our cooking – we are so proud about our teacher. If you are outside there do not hesitate to join pheka"
From the Botha's Hill students Nelly, Maombi, Mirriem, Jennet & Precious
"We are delighted by the palpable growth and enrichment we witnessed in Busiswe- her self-confidence and esteem were positively boosted by each cooking course she experienced with you at Pheka. She learnt so much and her life (and ours) have been changed. Busisiwe creates delicious meals and bakes with gusto. Thank you for providing healthy recipes and delectable treats we can all savour and enjoy."
Wendy and Kenlynn
"The pleasure of coming home to a delicious, healthy home cooked meal after a busy day has literally changed my life! It allows me to spend more time with my family and enjoy the evening together. Princess has also loved the entire experience and fulfillment of learning something new. It's added a whole new dimension to her day. Thank you Danielle!"
Gail Becker